Ananda Ashram

09.Jun.2018 |8:30pm

Monroe, NY US

“SOUNDS OF FREEDOM: Voices Rising“ with ArinMaya, Stephanie Rooker, & Mikel Banks

Freedom expressed awakens the potential for freedom to emerge from where it lies unknown and longed for. When voices rise together in the spirit of liberation, we soar beyond limitations of separation & comparison and unite in the harmony of all vibration as one. Join us for an evening performance exploring the expansiveness of freedom through vocal improvisation, soulful song rendering, and voices rising together in community.

FREE for Voice Journey Retreat participants!

Ananda Ashram w/ArinMaya & Edson Sean

18.Aug.2017 |8:30pm

Monroe, NY US

“Sing Me Home"
with Stephanie Rooker, ArinMaya, & Edson Sean

There is something about music that can naturally bring us to a feeling of “home." Music lifts the inspiration that stirs us from within –our prayers, hopes, dreams– and transforms that inspiration into felt experience that both deepens our understanding and compels us to live out those prayers, hopes, and dreams in our lives. Through a combination of composed & improvised music, this trio of lifelong musicians offers a suspended moment of devotion, of connection to the divine, through creativity. Join us as our souls rise together in song and liberate us from the suffering of separation – to bring us all home.

$20 / FREE for Voice Journey Day-Retreat participants!

The Way Station

15.Aug.2017 |8pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Rooker & Tyree -- back at The Way Station with special guest saxophist & flautist V Jeffrey Smith! Join them -- or tune in to the livestream linked here!


12.Aug.2017 |4-6:30pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Stephanie Rooker performs for Immigrants & Exile - a community showcase of musicians, poets, & storytellers, all converging on the theme of *Compassionate Action*.

The Way Station

12.Jul.2017 |8pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Rooker & Tyree -- back at The Way Station with special guest saxophist & flautist V Jeffrey Smith! Join them -- or tune in to the livestream linked here!

The Way Station

30.May.2017 |11pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Rooker & Tyree making magic!-- back at The Way Station with special guest saxophist & flautist V Jeffrey Smith! Join them -- or tune in to the livestream linked here!

The Way Station

12.Apr.2017 |8pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree back at the Way Station! Join them at this Dr. Who / Prospect Heights gem of a spot -- or TUNE IN ONLINE via livestream!

The Way Station

01.Mar.2017 |8pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree back at the Way Station! Join them at this Dr. Who / Prospect Heights gem of a spot -- or watch online via livestream!

The Riverside Church

26.Feb.2017 |3pm

New York, NY, NY US

The Riverside Inspirational Choir presents
*Let Your Light Shine*

Nedra Olds-Neal, Director

The Riverside Inspirational Choir, joined by special guest artists and instrumentalists, celebrates God’s light and love, singing songs of joy – old and new – to warm your spirit and lift your heart! Stephanie Rooker will be among the featured soloists with this gospel-&-spirituals-rooted choir — her “church music family" of 10 years.

JOIN US for an afternoon of soulful, invigorating music to light your spirit up!

The Way Station

17.Jan.2017 |8pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree back at the Way Station! Join them at this Dr. Who / Prospect Heights gem of a spot -- or watch online via livestream!

The Way Station

21.Dec.2016 |9pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree are back at the Way Station! Get ready for some new & *festive* music here! Join them at this Dr. Who / Prospect Heights gem of a spot -- or watch online via livestream!

Rockwood Music Hall w/ ArinMaya

27.Oct.2016 |6pm

New York, NY US

Stephanie backs up & teams up with the exquisite ArinMaya. When their two voices dance, it is pure magic. [free entry / tip jar]

The Way Station

25.Oct.2016 |8pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree are struttin' back to the Way Station! They've been havin big fun & goin deep in their music here! Join them at this Dr. Who / Prospect Heights gem of a spot -- or watch online via livestream!

The Way Station

30.Aug.2016 |9pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree are back at the Way Station! Join them at this Dr. Who / Prospect Heights gem of a spot -- or watch online via livestream!

The Way Station

23.Jun.2016 |8pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Rooker & Tyree are at it again!! Come out & feel the Love -- at the Way Station! 1 set only! Hit the tip bucket to keep that love flowin. ;)

WATCH A LIVESTREAM OF THE CONCERT via related site below!

Sage Academy of Sound Energy

18.Jun.2016 |7-8:30pm

Woodstock, NY US

*Souls Songs & Medicine Melodies*
A Voice Journey Concert w/ ArinMaya & Stephanie Rooker

*Voice Journey* is a voice + sound healing philosophy & methodology of vocal techniques that emphasize being led by the voice into new realms of holistic well-being, empowered expression, and deepened awareness. Join Voice Journey Sound Center founder Stephanie Rooker & ambient soul-singer ArinMaya for an evening performance exemplifying the freedom & exhilaration of this approach in action! Take a beautiful ride through songs straight from the soul, medicine melodies to enhance collective resonance, and the magical unfolding of improvised journeys. May this experience fan the spark of your own voice, too!!

Ananda Ashram w/Ben Tyree & Ronny Drayton

09.Apr.2016 |8:30PM

Monroe, NY US

Three for the Journey: music, medicine, magic
with Stephanie Rooker, Ben Tyree, & Ronny Drayton

An ocean of meaning can be conveyed in one wave of sound. As a composer, performer, and teacher, Stephanie Rooker has endeavored to call people in/ward to resonate with their own deeper truth through music. Her voice draws from a deep well of soulful sound, invoking lineages of her native Appalachian Mountains, African-American spirituals & the blues, and North Indian Classical music. Rooker and her long-time collaborator, virtuosic guitarist Ben Tyree, join up for the first time with guitar wizard Ronny Drayton for this evening of music, medicine, and magic. Join us as waves of sacred sound unfurl through contemplative improvisation and inspired composition.

Ananda Ashram w/John Medeski

21.Nov.2015 |8:30PM

Monroe, NY US

This concert by jazz multi-instrumentalist John Medeski and talented vocalist Stephanie Rooker will present an opportunity for deep listening and inward journeying, through contemplative compositions as well as free improvisation. Some of the most primal functions of music are to heal, to give thanks and to make the impossible possible. Be led by this music into the timeless, universal experience of vibration within and around you.

Preceded by Meditation Program beginning at 7:00PM (by donation).

Brooklyn Acupuncture Project

08.Mar.2015 |5:30pm

Brooklyn, NY US

This special collaborative performance / treatment session unites ancient Chinese Medicine with the healing power of sound! VJSC founder Stephanie Rooker will offer a live, intuitive & improvisational Voice Journey sound bath as BAP practitioner Sarah Chase administers acupuncture treatments.

*Voice Journey* VOCAL JAM @ Art Cafe

27.Feb.2015 |7PM

Brooklyn, NY US

Featuring an improvised set with Stephanie Rooker & Arin Maya! Voice Journey VOCAL JAM + OPEN MIC is an opportunity for people to free their voices in a receptive & supportive performance setting. We welcome people of all backgrounds & experiences to share an inspired original song, a kick-ass cover, cosmic circle-singing, free-flow improvisation, or whatever’s *lighting you up* at the moment!

Riverside Inspirational Choir Concert

22.Feb.2015 |3PM

New York, NY US

Nedra Olds Neal, Director

Restore your foundation and bolster your spirit as we lift in song the name of the Rock on whom we can depend. Let the music of the Inspirational Choir fill you with strength and joy!

$20/$15. Tickets available at the door.

Sonic Architectures LIVE @ Art Cafe

17.Feb.2015 |8-11pm

Brooklyn, NY US

Stephanie Rooker joins NYC-based guitarist and composer Ben Tyree presents Sonic Architectures LIVE residency at Art Café in Brooklyn, NY (884-886 Pacific St. @ Underhill Ave – Prospect Heights 11238) this Tuesday evening in February. The residency will allows Tyree to present new works in solo, duet and larger ensemble configurations collaborating with previous as well as new partnerships.

Art Cafe

27.Jan.2015 |7-9pm

Brooklyn, NY US


w/ Featured Performers:
Stephanie Rooker & ArinMaya


This *monthly* event is an opportunity for people (like you!) to free your voices in a receptive & supportive *performance* setting. We welcome (you) people of all backgrounds & experiences to share an inspired original song, a kick-ass cover, cosmic circle-singing, free-flow improvisation, or whatever’s *lighting you up* at the moment!

$5-10 donation

Gregory Bros Christmas Concert @ The Radford Theater

23.Dec.2014 |6:30pm

Radford, VA US

Ms. Rooker is so psyched to be teaming up with her homies, The Gregory Brothers, for their 10th annual Christmas Concert! Radford -- look out!! ;)

NY Open Center

06.Dec.2014 |8-10pm

New York, NY US

Join us at the NY Open Center's annual Winter Holiday Party to celebrate the season in song, with a jubilant, gospel-infused set of holiday music from the soulful trio of Stephanie Rooker, ArinMaya and Ben Tyree, sparking the spirit of the season like nothing else.

Rhythm of Life Festival


New London, OH

“All matter when reduced to its smallest and most simple form is a vibration or a rhythm. The Rhythm of Life is about connecting to the deepest essence of all things and recognizing at the deepest level the interrelated nature of reality."

The Rhythm of Life Music Festival will be held September 19th through the 21st at the Clare-Mar Lakes Campground in New London, Ohio. Early bird tickets are on sale now for $45 per person (before August 15th) for the weekend which includes access to the venue, 3 days of music, camping, parking, and all workshops. After August 15th tickets are $60. Day passes are also available and all tickets are available both on the website and at the door. Kids 12 and under are free.

*Stephanie will also be offering a Voice Journey workshop at this festival! Go to: for more information.

Society for Ethical Culture

19.Sep.2014 |9pm

Brooklyn, NY

Park Slope Food Co-op & Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture present...Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree in the Co-op Concert Series! Join us for this intimate evening of sweet, syrupy soul!!!

Tibet House

21.Aug.2014 |7-9pm

New York, NY

ECHOING ANCIENT SOUND: A MEDITATION OF VOICE & GONG In a unique collaboration for the Mindful Music & Sound Series, Brothers of the Gong and Voice Journey Sound Center founder Stephanie Rooker will offer an evening concert of gong sound immersion, vocal chant, and musical improvisation. Allow primordial gong tones & chants echoed from ancient times to guide you deeper into a state of awakened presence.

NY Open Center - Summer Solstice Party

21.Jun.2014 |9pm

New York, NY

Join SR & Ben Tyree for a rockin set to roll over into summer!

The Falcon - World Peace & Prayer Day Benefit Concert

01.Jun.2014 |4-7pm

Malboro, NY

Join us for this special performance to benefit the June 19-22 World Peace & Prayer Day gathering at Bowdoin Park, and contribute to event expenses, such as food over the four days for our elders/speakers/ performers/ educators and travel expenses for traditional elders and other leaders traveling long distances.

**Benefit Concert** featuring...

Bethany & Rufus
Claudia Acuña
Sean Schenker and members of The Trapps
Maiko Hata
Rob Norris
Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree
Joan Henry

$40 encouraged! $60 VIP Package

World Peace & Prayer Day gathering, June 19-22 in the Hudson Valley will be held within Dutchess County's glorious 301 acre Bowdoin Park. Join us for 3 nights and four days of ceremony and celebration. Donations are welcome!

Lakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse, keeper of the White Buffalo Calf, Bundle has called the gathering to honor sacred sites around the world. World Peace and Prayer Day / Honoring Sacred Sites Day is a continuing, 19-year-long project of the Wodakota Foundation. Blue Star Equiculture is a co-sponsor of this event.

Rubin Museum of Art - Talkingstick Series

09.Jan.2014 |8:30pm

New York, NY

Talkingstick at RMA features writers, actors, comedians, and performers sharing true stories inspired by works of art from the Rubin Museum of Art collection alongside museum guides who share stories from within the rich oral traditions of the Himalayas. Funny, sad, poignant, and cutting, Talkingstick at RMA provides opportunities to explore various perspectives on Himalayan art while experiencing the spontaneous and dynamic world of storytelling.

Talkingstick at RMA is held at 8:30pm on the second Friday of each month in the galleries of the museum.

ShapeShifter Lab

26.Nov.2013 |7pm

Brooklyn, NY

ShapeShifter Lounge - a perfect space to contain & expand the music magic the Search Engine wields. Think - clarity. Feel - beauty. Sense - connection. Woven by music we love to get lost in. Come!

Pratt Radio - The Rodent Hour

19.Nov.2013 |8PM

Brooklyn, NY RADIO

Tune in as Stephanie Rooker, Ben Tyree, & V Jeffrey Smith offer a special performance and interview, live on Pratt Radio!

Rooker & Tyree @ Kirk Avenue Music Hall

22.Mar.2013 |8pm

Roanoke, VA

Home sweet Blue Ridge!!

Rooker & Tyree set to rock Kirk Avenue Music!
Soak up some new music & fresh free improv!


Rooker & Tyree @ Plan B


Broadway, VA

Rooker & Tyree return to SWVA!

Join them for a special event performance at Plan B.
And bring your axe...jamming will ensue!! ;)


Voice Journey workshop @ Music Lab at the June Bug Center

20.Mar.2013 |4:30 - 6pm

Floyd, VA

*Voice Journey workshop*

A Zimbabwean proverb says, “If you can talk, you can sing; if you can walk, you can dance." Whether we believe we “can’t carry a tune" or we identify as experienced singers – many of us (sometimes secretly) dream of expanding our vocal abilities, freeing ourselves from the fears surrounding creative expression, and allowing our voices become the resounding instruments of our truth.

Voice Journey is a workshop that exposes the hidden powers of the voice. Explore the many voices of your voice by practicing vocal techniques from all over the world (including Classical Indian, Tibetan, Afro-Brazilian, African-American, and North and South American indigenous traditions – as well as contemporary practices). Voice Journey emphasizes not only vocal technique –where you can take your voice– but also the powerful nature of vocal vibration relating to physical, mental, psychological, emotional states –where your voice can take you. Each person’s unique “voice journey" goes both of these ways and –when pursued– lasts for a lifetime.

Free to all Music Lab and K-12 students / Adults - $10

Questions? Contact Dylan Locke, (540) 343-2624 ext. 215,

Sounds of Hip-Hop workshop @ Jefferson Center Music Lab

19.Mar.2013 |5:00 - 6:30pm

Roanoke, VA

*Heart/BEATS & Blood/LINES: Sounds of Hip-Hop workshop*

Often misrepresented & misunderstood, the hip-hop form holds great potential for empowering the expression & communication of people across cultures. A refined craft of word-play, story-telling, and cyclic rhythmic flow -- hip-hop rises from a long, rich lineage of musical ingenuity.

Heart/BEATS & Blood/LINES is a workshop that traces the fundamental elements of hip-hop back to their cultural roots & pure sonic form. The strength of these elements in any style of musical performance spells the power of it's influence. The practices presented offer a deep experience of these elements that enhances the feel of & for hip-hop as well as it's power as a form of creative expression.

Explore how the power of pulse and the magnetic push & pull of tone can improve musical flow. Overcome fear of improvisation with creative freestyle play. Explore different forms that transform struggles into anthems and heartbreaks into springboards. The workshop breaks it down, so you can build it back up.

Free to all Music Lab and K-12 students / Adults - $10

Questions? Contact Dylan Locke, (540) 343-2624 ext. 215,

Adinkra House

26.Jan.2013 |7pm doors / 8pm show

Montclaire, NJ

Stephanie Rooker, Ben Tyree, & V Jeffrey Smith are fixin to blow the roof off of Adinkra House. Come be a part of it.

Donation $20 at the door
$15 in advance online

Interchurch Center

07.Nov.2012 |12noon

New York, NY

Stephanie Rooker re-emerges (glowing with post-wedding bliss) to offer a special program, entitled *Medicine Music ~ hymns of healing & sacred sound*, for the Interchurch Center's lunch-time concert series.

Songs for Pritham - The Delancey

18.Jul.2012 |7pm

New York, NY

A number of NYC based Oberlin alumni musicians have launched the Songs for Pritham Campaign to benefit Pritham Khalsa, who is currently fighting an aggressive form of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). A support network of Pritham’s college friends have assembled an exciting artist lineup to perform at downtown Manhattan’s The Delancey on July 18th. All proceeds go towards subsidizing Pritham’s substantial medical costs. The evening will include performances by Dexter Lake Club Band, Pete Galub, David Heatley, Mauricio Alexander, and Stephanie Rooker. An online initiative has been launched with music by the aforementioned artists and others, available to be downloaded for an online donation. Over ten artists have contributed to the campaign so far.

Peanut Buttah & JAM @ Tea Lounge

14.Jun.2012 |9pm

Brooklyn, NY

[Spread by Kalae AllDay & Stephanie Rooker]

Peanut Buttah & JAM is the Jam session other Jam sessions aspire to be. With a little bit of jazz, funk, soul and afrobeat before you know it all the cats are in heat. With high vibes, husbands, wives, folks with no ties and its all live. Bring your kids, sing, adlib, freestyle, be wild; it is what it is. Brothers and sisters dark, light and tan, bring yo' ass over to the Peanut Buttah & Jam!

Riverside Church, Assembly Hall

08.Jun.2012 |7pm

New York, NY

*Majesty's Birthday Celebration & Youth, Hip Hop & The Holy Land Fundraiser*

Join us for an AMAZING night of music, spoken word, art, dialogue and spirituality. DJ Oja on the 1's and 2's Performances by Hasan Salaam, Red-Clay, Advocate Of Wordz, **Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree**, Solomon Starr, LC The Poet and the birthday boy Majesty. We are rocking to raise funds to send 4 NYC youth to Palestine/Israel for a 2 week spiritual/educational journey. Special Photo Exhibit by Vanissa W. Chan. Brought to you by HNS Movement/ACD Media/OverThrow Ent. in association with The Riverside Church

Doors @ 6:15 Show Start PROMPTLY at 7pm.

$10 Suggested Donation $5 for students

Blue Note Late Night Groove Series

08.Jun.2012 |12midnight

New York, NY

*Mental Notes Electric Cinnamon cd release and b'earthday celebration*

featuring Maya Azucena, Stephanie Rooker, Majesty, Cashel Campbell

The Howard Theater

04.Jun.2012 |8pm

Washington, DC

Opening with Ben Tyree for

Steve Kimock with Bernie Worrell, Wally Ingram, and Andy Hess

Belleville Lounge

29.Mar.2012 |9-11pm

Brooklyn, NY

Lincoln Park Tavern

23.Mar.2012 |10pm

Brooklyn, NY

WNYC Battle of the Boroughs - Greene Space

03.Feb.2012 |7pm

New York, NY

Stephanie Rooker & the Search Engine are pleased to have been selected to participate in the WNYC Battle of the Boroughs! Please come out on Feb 3rd to WNYC's Greene Space & VOTE FOR THEM!!

Fertile Ground @ The Black National Theater


New York, NY

"Fertile Ground" is a unique and inspiring display of fresh talent and new faces at Harlem's Black National Theater. Hosted by singer/songwriter Olamide Faison (formerly of R&B Group Imajin), the show's band is headed by brilliant musician & industry veteran Bert Price, and includes some of New York City's most accomplished players. The series occurs every 2nd Thursday of the month. January's "Fertile Ground" will present Stephanie Rooker as a featured performer.


11.Dec.2011 |7-9pm

Brooklyn, NY

Hittin up the brand new location of their fav local hang, Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree will present an evening immersion of music at the Brooklyn Senegalese restaurant, Joloff.

Blue Note w/Spiritchild & Mental Notes

03.Dec.2011 |12:30 AM

New York, NY

Spiritchild & Mental Notes performs at the Blue Note's Late Night Groove Series featuring Movement In Motion Collective - celebrating its 9 years of international arts and community organizing.

NY Open Center - Members' Party

02.Dec.2011 |8-10:30pm

New York, NY

The Open Center invites you to a soulful, musical welcoming of the winter holidays! We’ll kick off the festive season with live music from Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree, delectable treats, and a participatory, percussive blessing for the New Year with ritual performance group Circle of Soul. You’ll also find opportunities to indulge in mini-wellness sessions and tarot and palm readings, setting a conscious tone for the months ahead. Join us for a multi-tiered celebration as we invoke the joy of this magical time of year, and open ourselves to an expansive vision for the year to come.

Note: Feel free to bring a musical instrument if you have one.

Members, Faculty, Volunteers: FREE /
Nonmember Guests: $15 / Students: $8

Hetrick-Martin Institute - 1st Annual Women's Music Festival

04.Nov.2011 |4 - 6:30pm

New York, NY

Hetrick-Martin Institute -- Home of teh Harvey Milk High School presents the 1st annual Women's Music Festival & Open Mic! Sponsored by the Women's Initiative Committee & hosted by the Women's Task Force, this music festival & open mic creates a space of personal empowerment & creative expression for LGBTQ youth. Featured performers: Tamar-kali, Stephanie Rooker, Deli, Suave, & Cloe. Ages 12-20 only.

Kripalu w/poet Risa Kaparo

01.Oct.2011 |7pm

Lenox, MA

Ms Rooker joins poet Risa Kaparo in collaboration & support of her debut performance on the East Coast at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

Social Tapestry @ Nightingale Lounge

29.Sep.2011 |7pm

New York, NY

Social Tapestry -- an Art Exhibit & Social Gathering presented by Mobrit -- featuring a performance by Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree.

Club Groove NYC

30.Aug.2011 |10:00pm

New York, NY

SR&SE wraps up the summer with a hit at Club Groove -- an R&B/Soul stronghold of NYC! For a good time...come through!!


05.Jun.2011 |8:30pm

New York, NY, NY

Join Ms. Rooker & Mr. Tyree for a Benefit for Ghanaian Schoolkids!


"ticket discounted up to $5
with donation of slightly
worn shoes"


Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 1

23.May.2011 |10PM

New York, NY

After a nice bit of hibernating, gestating, & integrating...Ms. Rooker returns to the stage with her new fiance (who is it???) and a few special guests. & what better place to begin anew than Rockwood Music Hall? Join them & celebrate!!

LIVE @ Best Buy - Union Square

10.Feb.2011 |4 - 5pm

New York, NY

Join SR&SE for a *FREE* in-store promotional performance at the city's largest Best Buy location -- Union Square! Drop your laptop off at the Geek Squad or unload it to Electronics Recycling...then let the music of SR&SE wisk away your digital worries & bring you straight to the heart of the "real deal."

Rockwood Music Hall

23.Jan.2011 |8:00 pm

New York, NY

For their first time in Rockwood, SR&SE will be gracing the brand new & fabulous Stage 2!! The stage is sexy, the sound is pristine -- y'all don't wanna miss this!

The Blue Note

17.Dec.2010 |12:30am (Friday night)

New York, NY

When the Blue Note calls -- you must come!

Making their 3rd appearance at the Late Night Groove Series, SR&SE will be showcasing fresh tunes from their new album project -The Only Way Out is In- and bringing it home yet again at New York's legendary jazz club!

Joloff Restaurant

03.Dec.2010 |7 - 9pm

Brooklyn, NY

Join Ms. Rooker's Acoustic Duo w/ Ben Tyree (guitar) at Joloff for a night of deliciously laid-back grooves & some top-notch Senegalese fare.

**CD RELEASE @ 92Y Tribeca**

19.Nov.2010 |Doors @ 7pm

New York, NY

This is it!! The release of SR&SE's long-awaited sophomore album, "The Only Way Out is In" has finally arrived! 92Y Tribeca --one of the hippest, new venues in NYC-- will present Ms. Rooker & the Search Engine with special guest performers Kalae AllDay and Chesney Snow!

Tickets: $12adv / $15door
*CLICK the "related site" link to PURCHASE TICKETS!* -->

Bowery Electric

07.Oct.2010 |10pm

New York, NY, NY

Back @ Bowery Electric! SR&SE really brought the heat there last winter rockin' for Aris Ziagos's b-day show. Time to warm it up again, as autumn sets in.

Co-billing: JOE MCGINTY (8pm), KRISTIAN HOFFMANN (9pm)

American Beatbox Championships @ Littlefield

30.Jul.2010 |8pm

Brooklyn, NY

BOXCON (International Human Beatboxing Convention) Opening Night Party

VA Governor’s School for Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts


Radford, VA

Summer Residential Governor's Schools provide gifted high school juniors and seniors with intensive educational experiences in visual and performing arts; humanities; mathematics, science, and technology; life science and medicine; or through mentorships in marine science or engineering.

The Governor’s School for Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts, hosted by Radford University, has invited Ms. Rooker (herself a Governor's School alumna), accompanied by guitarist Ben Tyree, to attend as a lecturer & performer.

Back in the Studio!


Brooklyn, NY

Another session, another step in the journey, and another level deeper into the process they go!

For this segment, Ms. Rooker will Joined by DJ Logic, organist John Medeski, beatboxer Chesney Snow, cellist Will Martina, and percussionist "Wicked" Gary Fritz.

"The Only Way Out is In" to be released in Fall 2010.

BK Hip-Hop Festival : Tobacco Warehouse

10.Jul.2010 |1pm

Brooklyn, NY

The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival produced by the Brooklyn Bodega is a celebration of Hip-Hop music and culture. Their aim is to highlight Hip-Hop's legacy as an agent of artistic progression, community building and social change. They do this by producing a variety of events from musical performances, Family Day, film screenings, gallery shows and more.

Stephanie Rooker, with beatboxer Chesney Snow & guitarist Ben Tyree, will be featured in a special showcase highlighting the up-coming American Beatbox Championships.

VEGAN JAM RoofTop Party

03.Jul.2010 |3 - 7PM

Brooklyn, NY

Veganism is growing in the entertainment industry, especially the underground hip-hop & poetry scene. The focus of this event is to combine good music & poetry with good (cruelty-free) food.

There will be an open-mic for all who would like to perform. Emcee Jermaine, Narubi Selah, & Stephanie Rooker will be the featured artists, and "Reciclagem" will be showcasing their vegan clothing line via a runway fashion show.

An entire buffet of Vegan & Raw dishes,& desserts will be served - FREE of charge. We will also award raffle prizes!

A $3 suggested Donation covers all of the above.

MakeMusicNY FUNKfest BLOCK PARTY @ Rose Live Music

21.Jun.2010 |12:00PM

Brooklyn, NY

Stephanie Rooker & the Search Engine will perform at the free Make Music New York ALL-DAY FUNK FEST outside Rose Live Music in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Tea Lounge

12.Jun.2010 |9PM & 10:30PM

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Another magical night at the Tea Lounge was bound to happen! So -- here we have it!! Tea Lounge is the illest, chillin-est, cafe spot Park Slope's got! Come out & hang -- you will be glad you came. ;')


ReadNex Poetry Squad: Album Release Party

22.May.2010 |7:30PM

New York, NY

Stephanie Rooker & the Search Engine join up with some of the city's most eclectic DJ's and promising artists to celebrate the release of ReadNex Poetry Squad's highly anticipated third album, Day Before Sound. Featuring: ReadNex Poetry Squad, Mahina Movement, Climbing Poetree, Stephanie Rooker & Search Engine, Captin Planit, Spirit Child, Division X, Rebel Diaz, Red Clay, DJ Chela, DJ Oja, DJ Nadeeah, Eshe, El Grito de Poetas. And visual artists: Vanissa Chan, Matt Petricone, Trust Your Struggle

6th Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair @ Brooklyn College

15.May.2010 |12PM - 5PM

Brooklyn, NY

Over 100 community organizations: music, art, poetry, dance, film, hip-hop, spoken word, workshops and discussions, kids' activities, info on peace and justice, and more! Speakers and presenters include Fr. Roy Bourgeois (founder of the SOA Watch). Performances by Stephanie Rooker, SpiritChild, Ill-Literacy, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, and more! Sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace, Cosponsored by Brooklyn College Community Partnership and Brooklyn College Student Center.

Back in the Studio!


New York, NY

Stephanie Rooker & the Search Engine return to the studio to record their second album, "The Only Way Out is In," to be released Fall/Winter 2010!

White Hall Auditorium @ Emory University

07.May.2010 |TBA

Atlanta, GA

As artists involved with and in support of brain injury services, Stephanie Rooker and Ben Tyree have been invited to attend and perform at the 2nd Annual Symposium on Therapeutic Frontiers in Acute CNS Injury.

Rose Live Music

06.May.2010 |9PM

Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Stephanie Rooker & the Search Engine return (after a long while!) to Rose Live Music in Williamsburg! They kick off the night at 9PM, followed by Mobius Collective, a continuously expanding Puerto Rico-New York freestyle jazz network of musicians/artists/producers that have performed with the likes of Lauryn Hill and Lee "Scratch" Perry. Needless to say, it's going to be a night of solid grooves!

Spontaneous Celebrations

24.Apr.2010 |6PM

Jamaica Plain, MA

Stephanie joins forces with Broadcast Live, Natural Bliss, Spirit Child, Abu Nurah and more for this Free Tarek! Benefit Show & CD Release Party at Spontaneous Celebrations. Suggested donation: $10-$30. ($15 gets you a free CD with entrance!) All Ages! Organized by the Tarek Mehanna Support Committee.


09.Apr.2010 |9pm

Harlem, NY

Don't let a good thang go...for too long. ;')

Back at Shrine, one of our fav spots in NYC!!

Miller Center for the Arts

28.Mar.2010 |2PM

Reading, PA

Come see Stephanie perform with fellow residents of the 2010 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Artist Residency Program!

Part of Berks Jazz Fest. FREE Event.


27.Mar.2010 |TBA

Wilmington, DE

Come see Stephanie perform with fellow residents of the 2010 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Artist Residency Program!

Millennium Stage at The Kennedy Center

26.Mar.2010 |10:30 AM & 6PM

Washington, DC

Come see Stephanie perform with fellow residents of the 2010 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Artist Residency Program!

The evening Millennium Stage concerts are free to the public, no tickets required, and will be broadcast live (and later archived) on the Kennedy Center website.

Millennium Stage at The Kennedy Center

25.Mar.2010 |6PM

Washington, DC

Come see Stephanie perform with fellow residents of the 2010 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Artist Residency Program!

The evening Millennium Stage concerts are free to the public, no tickets required, and will be broadcast live (and later archived) on the Kennedy Center website.

Howard University

25.Mar.2010 |12:40PM

Washington, DC

Come see Stephanie perform with fellow residents of the 2010 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Artist Residency Program!

Millennium Stage at The Kennedy Center

24.Mar.2010 |6PM

Washington, DC

Come see Stephanie perform with fellow residents of the 2010 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Artist Residency Program!

The evening Millennium Stage concerts are free to the public, no tickets required, and will be broadcast live (and later archived) on the Kennedy Center website.

Adriala Gallery -- CANCELED!!

13.Mar.2010 |3PM

Brooklyn, NY

**Unfortunately, the "Saturday Ciphers" performance series has been canceled this week due some scheduling challenges btwn the galleries. However --even though we're not performing-- you can still come through to check out this amazing exhibit, Saturday from 12noon - 6pm.**

"Housing is a Human Right: Stories from the Struggle for Home" is a special showcase of MoCADA's The Gentrification of Brooklyn: The Pink Elephant Speaks exhibit. Composed of oral narratives and photographs, along with testimonies and memories of home, this collection of viscerally honest, first-person narratives serve as a reminder that home is as tenuous a space in New York City as the shelter that sustains it. This exhibit is organized by MoCADA, Housing is a Human Right, and Oja (from

The purpose of the performance series is to bring folks together under the banner of Housing is a Human Right to share the works and stories from the project as well as to explore the question of what Home means to us through our words and ways.

Adriala Gallery is a converted former 2-car garage opened last summer by Bed-Stuy native Brian Williams and his wife to serve as a community art space by and for the community to present their work.

The Bitter End

12.Mar.2010 |8pm

New York, NY

Ms. Rooker's debut at The Bitter End -- "New York City's Oldest Rock Club," boasting 48 years in business -- couldn't have come at a better time: the day before her birthday!!

Ms. Rooker will bring in her new year of life by perfoming *brand new music*! Definitely a show not to be missed!!

1 set only! $8 cover

Come out for an incredible evening in celebration of Ms. Rooker's years on Planet Earth!

Joloff Restaurant

19.Feb.2010 |7-9pm

Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Rooker & Ben Tyree return once again to Joloff Restaurant, crafting a perfect evening to celebrate the end of the week!

The Local 269

05.Feb.2010 |9pm

New York, NY

Tryin' out a new spot in town, Ms. Rooker will be joined by guitarist Ben Tyree, bassist Theo Harden, & beatboxer Chesney Snow to do it up Rooker-style. Give a dive a chance -- we here the drinks are good'n'cheap! $10

Blues Alley

27.Jan.2010 |8pm & 10pm

Georgetown, DC

So excited to have been invited back to BLUES ALLEY!! We had an incredible time there in April -- and what better way to welcome in 2010 that to hit it again!?!? Please join us for another amazing evening at this fantastic venue!

Joloff Restaurant

22.Jan.2010 |7-9pm

Brooklyn, NY

Friday Night @ Joloff!!

Get your weekend off to a beautiful start with a delectable Senegalese dinner & live music by Ms. Rooker w/ Ben Tyree, Gary Fritz, & V Jeff Smith!

The Bowery Electric

09.Jan.2010 |9pm

New York, NY

Ms. Rooker joins in a celebratory evening of music honoring the birthday of her good friend & colleague, Aris Ziagos.

*Rachel Fine @ 8pm*
*Stephanie Rooker & the Search Engine @ 9pm*
*Aris Ziagos @ 10pm*

$12 cover

Located one block from the legendary CBGB’s and on the same block as the newly built Bowery Hotel, the Bowery Electric attracts a host of artists and area residents, as well as talent from all over the world, while maintaining a downtown New York elegance and simplicity.


18.Dec.2009 |7-8pm

New York, NY

Returning to Shrine! Ms. Rooker can't help but hit up this happening African, Harlem spot every now & again...& again! Good food & great vibes are "the usual" at Shrine. Come through!

Joloff Restaurant

13.Dec.2009 |7-9PM

Brooklyn, NY

Back @ Joloff! Join Ms. Rooker, Ben Tyree, Gary Fritz, & V Jeffrey Smith in an evening of acoustic music & delicious Senegalese food!

w/Alvin Ailey @ NY City Center

05.Dec.2009 |8pm

New York, NY

Honored to be invited back this year, Ms. Rooker will again perform in the gospel chorus of Alvin Ailey's famous "Revelations" suite. "Revelations" is a very powerful piece --a benchmark of Ailey's work-- that is elevated even further when accompanied by live music. Don't miss it!

w/Alvin Ailey @ NY City Center

02.Dec.2009 |7pm

New York, NY

Honored to be invited back this year, Ms. Rooker will again perform in the gospel chorus of Alvin Ailey's famous "Revelations" suite. "Revelations" is a very powerful piece --a benchmark of Ailey's work-- that is elevated even further when accompanied by live music. Don't miss it!

Joloff Restaurant

15.Nov.2009 |*CANCELED*

Brooklyn, NY

Due to a private event booking, this evening of music at Joloff Restaurant has been canceled. Don't worry, though -- Ms. Rooker will be back at Joloff SOON!!


11.Nov.2009 |Time TBA

New York, NY

Join us for this incredible night stacked with great bands--Judah Tribe, Riddim Nation, & the Stephanie Rooker band, celebrating the bearthday of Riddim Nation’s Eric Toussaint!

Tea Lounge

07.Nov.2009 |9 & 10:30pm

Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Rooker had so much fun playin out front at the Tea Lounge for Make Music NY -- that they’ve asked her to come on inside! Join Ms. Rooker for her debut at the chillin’est Park Slope coffee-shop/hang. **Sets @ 9pm & 10:30pm**

Joloff Restaurant

25.Oct.2009 |7-9PM

Brooklyn, NY

Back again @ Joloff! We had a delicious time there 2 weeks ago -- much good vibes & times! Please come out & join me with Ben Tyree, Gary Fritz, & V Jeffrey Smith again this week!

Public Assembly: BK GET RADICAL

18.Oct.2009 |8PM

Brooklyn, NY

A benefit concert for Brooklyn For Peace celebrating 25 years of community activism for PEACE and JUSTICE in BROOKLYN! Come Join us: Brooklyn For Peace, Intangible Collective, The Ohio Party, Kahlil Almustafa, Stephanie Rooker, Chesney Snow, The Readnex Poetry Squad, and more! Hosted by: MC K-Swift *21+


16.Oct.2009 |6:30PM

New York, NY

Please join us in an evening in remembrance of those who have lost their lives to domestic violence & in honor of those who have survived. The Candlelight Vigil will begin at 6:30 outside PS 321 and process through the streets to the Park Slope United Methodist Church, where survivors will share their stories and Ben Tyree & will perform. There will also be refreshments and a brief self-defense/martial arts demonstration.

Joloff Restaurant

11.Oct.2009 |7-9PM

Brooklyn, NY

Two acoustic trio sets with Ben Tyree and percussionist Gary Fritz at Joloff Restaurant in Brooklyn. We will be playing mostly originals and some standards. Come enjoy some AMAZING Senegalese cuisine and enjoy the free live music.

Sullivan Hall

09.Oct.2009 |7:30pm

New York, NY

After a month off from performing to work in the studio, the Stephanie Rooker Band's first time at --SULLIVAN HALL-- will be one for the books! Hope you can make it out!

BLUE NOTE :: Late Night Groove Series

28.Aug.2009 |11:59pm

New York, NY

Honored to have been invited back to The Blue Note!! Following Roy Ayers, please join Ms. Rooker & her band for another smashing show at this legendary spot!

Floydfest 8

25.Jul.2009 |8:00PM

Floyd, VA

Invited back for the Best Under the Radar Series, Ms. Rooker's hitting the GLOBAL VILLAGE STAGE @ 8pm. Hope to see you there! ;’)


25.Jul.2009 |*8:00AM*

on TV!, VA

Tune into Roanoke's WDBJ 7 @ 8am to catch Rooker's 2nd live, in-studio performance on the Saturday Morning Show.

Pulaski Theatre

24.Jul.2009 |7:30pm

Pulaski, VA

$10 advance/$12 door

En route to Floydfest, Ms. Rooker will be making a stop in home-sweet-home Pulaski County to bring her band for the first time to the historic Pulaski Theatre!! Please join them as they fill this beautifully revived space with unending groove, heart, & light!


17.Jul.2009 |8pm

New York, NY

2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.
(133-134 St)

Back in the groove at Shrine !!!
Join us at one of our favorite venues !



04.Jul.2009 |8:30PM

Radford, VA

Performing for the first time in the New River Valley, where she was born & raised, Ms. Rooker is so pleased to grace the stage at the Sunken Gardens -- a beautifully landscaped botanical amphitheatre surrounded by a grove of pine trees on the high cliffs of the ancient waterway that is Radford's greatest treasure: the New River.

Ms. Rooker will perform a duo set
with guitarist Ben Tyree
**at 8:30pm**
as an opener for
(the Radford fireworks, & then)
Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band.

Tickets - $20.00 Garden Amphitheatre, $15.00 Lawn seating
(see for more info)

Show Hosted by the Greater New River Valley American Red Cross


26.Jun.2009 |(full-day studio lock-down)

Brooklyn, NY

That's Right -- Ms. Rooker is heading back into the studio to begin work on her sophomore album!! Sneak-peeks & details to come!

MAKE MUSIC NY @ Solomon's Porch

21.Jun.2009 |5:15PM

Brooklyn, NY

Finishing out a full day of summertime music in the city, again with Ben Tyree (guitar), Corcoran Holt (upright bass), & "Wicked" Gary Fritz (percussion), Ms. Rooker will top off the evening with a performance at Brooklyn's revered soul-jazz cafe, Solomon's Porch.

A local urban hang spot in the heart of Brooklyn, Solomon's Porch is a cross between a modern cozy cafe by day, and a swank southern juke joint by night. Offering a variety of eats from simple plates such as the pesto chicken wrap to more succulent dishes like the bourbon laced lamb and black bean chili, there's something on the menu to satisfy everyone's palette.

MAKE MUSIC NY @ Tavern on the Green

21.Jun.2009 |3pm

Central Park, NY

Ms. Rooker's 2nd Make Music NY set will be 3-4pm @ Tavern on the Green in Central Park. Again featuring Ben Tyree, Corcoran Holt & "Wicked" Gary Fritz. Join them for a special Father's Day/First Day of Summer brunch!

MAKE MUSIC NY @ The Tea Lounge

21.Jun.2009 |12noon

Brooklyn, NY

Again this year, Ms. Rooker has booked three excellent venues for the annual Make Music NY festival (more info below).

Her 1st set of the day is 12noon-1pm at Park Slope's TEA LOUNGE. The special ensemble for this event will include: Ben Tyree (guitar), Corcoran Holt (upright bass), & "Wicked" Gary Fritz (percussion). If you're in the area, please come through!!

Make Music New York, described by city officials as “one of the largest musical events in the city’s history," returns for a third year of free concerts in public spaces throughout the five boroughs of New York City, all on Sunday, June 21st, the first day of summer. MMNY takes place simultaneously with similar festivities in more than 327 cities around the world — a global celebration of music making.

From 11 in the morning to 10 at night, musicians of all ages, creeds, and musical persuasions — from hip hop to opera, Latin jazz to punk rock — perform on streets, sidewalks, stoops, plazas, cemeteries, parks and gardens.

private event

30.May.2009 |7pm

New York, NY

Yes!-->Ms. Rooker is available to perform for private events with her full band or a small ensemble. To book Ms. Rooker for your own event, contact:

Lower East Side Girls Club--BLOCK PARTY!

16.May.2009 |1PM

New York, NY

The Lower Eastside Girls Club Saturday Performance Series is a weekly afternoon performance series, open to the public, free-of-charge and featuring line-ups of musicians, singer-songwriters, MC’s and poets. This project is dedicated to upholding the Girls Club’s mission of offering free and innovative cultural programming to Girls Club members, connecting the Girls Club to the greater community, and supporting women in the arts.

PABI Heroes Tour

04.May.2009 |7-9PM

New York, NY

Continuing her work with brain injury activism, Ms. Rooker is pleased to be a part of this amazing competition! The PABI Heroes Tour's mission is to raise awareness of Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury (PABI) and promote local sponsorship of PABI families. This project is presented by the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation.

Please do come out & suppor this event!
And cheer on Ms. Rooker's band as they compete to become PABI Heroes!!

Tickets: $10
(available through & at the door)

Sample the Slope @ THE BELL HOUSE

26.Apr.2009 |2PM

Brooklyn, NY

SAMPLE THE SLOPE 12-4pm -- w/Ms. Rooker's set @ 2pm. This event gathers local restaurants, stores, and entertainers from Park Slope, BK--into one of the area's hottest, new venues--THE BELL HOUSE--in an effort to build good community relationships and raise funds for the Brooklyn Beavers women's softball team--of the Prospect Park Women's Softball League.


24.Apr.2009 |9pm

New York, NY

ARBOR DAY @ SHRINE!!! What better way to spend this fabulous holiday than gettin down with Stephanie Rooker & her band up in Harlem??? Hmmm...nothing better comes to mind! ;')

Blues Alley

06.Apr.2009 |8pm & 10pm

Georgetown, DC

Miss Rooker is pleased to invite you to join her for her debut performance at the legendary D.C. venue--BLUES ALLEY!



Harrisonburg, VA

We’re happy to announce a new stop on our Spring VA Tour--Harrisonburg! JMU, here we come! Looking forward to the lovely Clementine.

The Jefferson Center [opening for Rene Marie]

27.Mar.2009 |8:00PM

Roanoke, VA

Ms. Rooker is thrilled to be opening for the edgy and entrancing jazz vocalist Rene Marie as they return to their shared home state of VA!!

Gravity Lounge

26.Mar.2009 |8PM

Charlottesville, VA

On our 2nd VA Tour, how could we pass up the Gravity Lounge??
So looking forward to be hitting C-ville again!


19.Feb.2009 |9pm

Harlem, NY

Back at Shrine!! We lovin this spot.
Do come through & soak it up with us!
it's freeeeee!


06.Feb.2009 |8:00PM

Brooklyn, NY

Jazz at OSH: Charles Sibirsky & Friends featuring Stephanie Rooker
Tickets: $12 | Drinks & snacks available.

BLUE NOTE :: Late Night Groove Series

16.Jan.2009 |12:30AM

New York, NY

Pleased-as-rum-punch we are to be playing the BLUE NOTE's Late Night Groove Series!! The show starts at 12:30am on the night of Friday, Jan 16th (a.k.a. the morning of Saturday, Jan 17th). Do come out and join us in celebration!!!

w/Alvin Ailey @ NY City Center

17.Dec.2008 to 21.Dec.2008

New York, NY

Ms. Rooker to perform in gospel choir for Alvin Ailey’s Revelations in their 50th Anniversary season at NY City Center.


18.Nov.2008 |9-11pm

New York, NY

Ooooooh--NUBLU!! If you don’t know about Nublu, you got to find out! Come chill with Ms. she do what she do at NUBLU! ;’)



Pittsburgh, PA

Look-out Pittsburgh: Here they bless & be blessed by one of the most happenin venues in the Pittsburgh Metro area supporting independent art and artists.


17.Oct.2008 |10pm

Harlem, NY

Join Ms. Rooker & her band at Shrine bar, restaurant, & world music venue in Harlem! This spot is truly happenin -- beautiful vibe -- beautiful people -- great music!! Thrilled to be playin here-->Come celebrate!

Two Boots Brooklyn

03.Oct.2008 |10pm-12am

Brooklyn, NY

Back at Two Boots Brooklyn!! Great spot--->Come through for some Italy-Louisiana goodness & delicious vibes from Ms Rooker's band!


25.Sep.2008 |10pm

Brooklyn, NY

BROOKLYN FREESTYLE SESSIONS presents...Stephanie Rooker, Mobius Collective, & DJ Misbehaviour!!

Baltimore Music Conference - New Haven Lounge

19.Sep.2008 |8:00PM

Baltimore, MD

THE JIST: Over 100 bands and DJs / Two full day’s of Seminars and Panels / Workshops and Demonstrations / Dance Performances / Visual Urban Artist Showcases / Independent Movie Screenings / Merchants, Vendors, Artists, and a slew of great Sponsors / Adolescent events focused on both our next generation of musicians and preserving music in schools

The Knitting Factory

11.Sep.2008 |9:00PM

New York, NY

The Safiya -"Nuh" Foundation Presents: "Rhyme for Reason," a fundraiser for political activism w/Movement in Motion featuring Spiritchild, Lesilayn, Stephanie Rooker, Kahjee Khan, Gist the Essence--opening up for Brooklyn Academy.

Blackout Arts Collective ART SHOW - NYU Gallatin Gallery

28.Aug.2008 |8:30PM

New York, NY

This event features artists from the Bay Area and New York an Art Show mixer to support local artists of consciousness and passion. The show will be centered around Fine Art but three to four live Performance Artists will be sharing their voice in music w/ an audience compiled of NY activist organizations, artists, friends, family, and co-workers.



Brooklyn, NY

Teaming up with 12-Hour-Shift...Rooker hits up SOUTHPAW!! This show’s gonna be slammin!

WDBJ 7's Saturday Morning Show

26.Jul.2008 |8AM

Roanoke, VA

Joy Sutton of WDBJ 7 News in Roanoke will be featuring Miss Rooker & her band on the Saturday Morning Show. Tune in & join them for this exciting first-time TV appearance!!

Floydfest 7

26.Jul.2008 |8:00 PM

Floyd, VA

Ms. Rooker's band will be featured in the Emerging Artists Series of this prodigious world music festival in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

202 Market

25.Jul.2008 |8:00PM

Roanoke, VA

Back at the 202!!
Couldn't resist doin another date at this happenin club
and showin some hometown LOVE. ;')

Ashland Coffee & Tea

24.Jul.2008 |8:00PM

Ashland, VA

Join Miss Rooker as she hits up this sweet spot right round Richmond. She's gonna do this one up proper for all the Richmond fam/fans!!

Gravity Lounge

23.Jul.2008 |9:00 PM


It’s goin down at Gravity Lounge!! ;’) The fantastic Acoustic Groove Trio opens! Come thru & spread the word, so miss Rooker can spread the love to all ya folks!

IOTA Cafe & Club

21.Jul.2008 |9:30PM

Arlington, VA

Pleased to be hittin up the DC metro area, Miss Rooker welcomes all ya DC’ers to come thru this hot lil spot! Bring ya peops, too!!

Music By the Bay

19.Jul.2008 |TBA

Long Island, NY

Join Ms. Rooker for some beach festival action on the island!
More details to come....

Two Boots Brooklyn

27.Jun.2008 |10:00PM

Brooklyn, NY

Got to love Two Boots! Italy + New Orleans = HEAVEN!

Lava Gina

24.Jun.2008 |10pm

New York, NY

Join Ms. Rooker as she hits up the suggestively delicious East Village world music hub - Lava Gina!

Make Music NY - Trader Joe's

21.Jun.2008 |5pm

New York, NY

Teaming up with the fantastic Meta & the Cornerstones, Miss Rooker & her band will be appearing again for Make Music NY's street music festival at Trader Joe's Wine Store on 14th Street!!

Make Music NY - Pala

21.Jun.2008 |2pm

New York, NY

Glad to be a part of this amazing NYC festival of music in the streets---Miss Rooker will be performing her first set at Pala on Allen Street (btwn Houston & Stanton). Do come through!

MUSIC FOR DEMOCRACY Web Launch @ Bowery Poetry Club

14.Jun.2008 |11:00 PM

New York, NY United States

Music for Democracy, a new Political Action Committee dedicated to creating positive change and raising voter awareness of crucial issues, is hosting a party to celebrate the launch of MFD’s website. Please join us for an evening of amazing music, celebration, and community.

Clinton Music Series

09.Jun.2008 |6-8pm

New York, NY

Invited back for a second year, Miss Rooker and her band are pleased to again be a part of this great series of live music on Pier 84. Free to the public!

NYC SAY SO! - Union Square


New York, NY

Out to rally support for the NYC Sexual Assault Yearly Speak-out, Miss Rooker will be performing in the SAY SO! showcase!! Please come out and support this healing & empowering event!

BROOKLYN PEACE FAIR @ Long Island University


Brooklyn, NY

Joining the ranks of Abiodun Oduwale of the Last Poets, Queen God!s, Def Poet Aja Monet, Invincible of Anomalies, Ra Hendrix, & Spiritchild of Mental Notes...Miss Rooker will be performing at the 2008 BK Peace Fair. This festival, featuring workshops and tabling by peace & justice organizations from Brooklyn, intends to encourage New Yorkers to take action to promote peace and to unite diverse communities across Brooklyn, creating bridges for communication, participation and understanding.

The Baggot Inn

18.Apr.2008 |11pm

New York, NY

Sad News: The Baggot’s closin down. Better News: Miss Rooker's gon’ send ’em off RIGHT!!! Come through and show some LOVE!

202 Market

27.Mar.2008 |9PM

Roanoke, VA

Miss Rooker heads back home to Virginia to celebrate the release of her debut recording project "Tellin You Right Now" with her hometown crowd.

The Cutting Room - EP Release Party!!!

13.Mar.2008 |10 pm

New York, NY

The EP's 'bout to drop...
so get ready to get down at the Cutting Room!!

P.S. It's also Ms. Rooker's B-day!! S'gonna be quite a party. ;')

Ben Tyree - guitar
Jesse Fischer - keys
Josh David - bass
Lawrence Qualls - drums
V Jeffrey Smith - saxes & flute
Roland Barber - trombone & conch
Jen Rooker & Carey Nava - supporting vocals
Kerone Campbell - spoken word

Riverside Church

24.Feb.2008 |3pm

New York, NY

Miss Rooker sings with the Riverside Inspirational Choir at their 27th Annual Concert - "Lifted!" Directed by Nedra Olds-Neal, this gospel ensemble has raised the roof and brought down the house at Riverside Church and venues throughout New York. This is a concert not-to-be-missed! Get ready to be "Lifted!"

Tickets available at the door for $15/10.

Old Stone House

08.Feb.2008 |8pm - 10:30pm

Brooklyn, NY

Teaming up with pianist Charles Sibirsky and his jazz trio, Stephanie throws-back with some swingin standards and smooth ballads.