"Some singers have a way with a phrase or a moment that attracts listeners with instant magnetism. Stephanie Rooker is in that category. Everyone’s ear will interpret her differently, but I like the fluid rap style she brings to her style of jazz in one song and the classic bop present in another. Rooker sings jazz along a metaphorical urban street that borders rap and R&B, while still reflecting the traditional conventions of the genre, including innovation. She’s a young woman whose bio still talks about what she studied in college, but her new album, The Only Way Out Is In, with her band, Stephanie Rooker and the Search Engine, is a master’s in musical selection and maturity."
Bob Andelman, Mr. Media

“An amazing composer with a unique voice and vibe."
jazz singer Rene Marie

"Listeners should expect the unexpected from Stephanie Rooker...Tellin You Right Now is an excellent effort...a fine album that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to mix it up musically."
Katie Frection, Hot Indie News.com

"Very much an individualist…a very, very fine vocalist…this gal really does lend a personal side to everything that she does."
Charlie Perkinson of NPR’s “Jazz Tonight" WVTF 89.1FM Virginia Tech

“Don't try to pigeonhole Stephanie Rooker into a particular style of music. The Radford native will disappoint you…Rooker has a really nice record, Tellin You Right Now, which you should hear...she pulls it off live, and travels with a band of monster players. Her sister, Jen, did backing vocals, and they had the sisterly blend thing happening…By the way, she’s real good."
Tad Dickens, The Roanoke Times

“A lush six-piece band backs this soul- and blues-crooning wonder."
C-Ville: Charlottesville News & Arts

“Don't be fooled by the release of this album being independent. The quality is nothing short of major and the content, songwriting and musicians are exceptionally great. Having been to several live shows, I recommend the full 360 experience for a complete comprehension of Stephanie Rooker."
Spiritchild of Mental Notes

Fan Quotes:

“This album brings calmness to the soul in times of struggle and movement and introduces moments of reflection and rejoice. Won't Go Away is by far the best jazzy/soulful song of the year. I recommend playing this tune on repeat while kissing the sky."

“Soul inspirational...from the heart to the soul!"

“This album is a very nice fusion of what to me is Jazz, R&B, and Reggae. It’s got a nice laid back vibe to it and just makes you smile and feel good."

“[‘Won’t Go Away’] brings my soul to a place of peace and healing."

“Ordered this after hearing it on our local public radio jazz night. Have listened to it over and over. Steph is outstanding...words have such meaning and her vocals are terrific."